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December 2011 anticipates MCGI’s International Thanksgiving for the last quarter

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Members Church of God International’s (MCGI) calendar for the month of December highlights the congregation’s International Thanksgiving for the 4th quarter of 2011:

1) Aside from the regular bi-monthly Bible Expositions on Friday nights, the first-ever marathon Bible Exposition was launched last December 18 at 8:00 in the morning, Philippine time.
With the new set-up, members can invite guests in their respective homes, offices and local chapters and connect to the twelve-hour Bible Exposition to be anchored by Bro. Daniel Razon. Using a personal computer or a laptop and a stable internet connection, visitors can ask questions to Bro. Eli Soriano.

2) The Mass Indoctrination that opens on the 5th of the month gathers almost a thousand souls in December 17’s Mass Baptism. The figure again includes new converts from South America.

3) The 4th Quarter Mass Blood Letting of the Kamanggagawa Foundation Inc., in cooperation with UNTV Channel 37 is supported by the members of congregation. With the different MCGI local chapters as venues, almost 2,000 blood bags are gathered as the activity ends.

4) December 23-25 marks MCGI’s 4th Quarter International Thanksgiving. Once again, the ADD Convention Center is flocked by a massive volume of participants from different provinces and cities. Almost 4,000 monitoring centers joined the event from different parts of the world.

5) It was another night to remember when composers and lyricists of the MCGI congregation get together to showcase their opus and vie for this year’s A Song of Praise Music Festival Year-end Finals.
Entries come from Luzon, Visayas, Mindanao, Hongkong, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Brunei and South America. Of the fifteen entries, winners were chosen by Bro. Eli Soriano himself. The winning divisions/chapters are as follows:
Third runner-up: South America and Papua New Guinea
Second runner-up: Central Visayas Division
First runner-up: National Capital Region and South America
Song of the Year: Tamis ng Unang Pag-ibig (Pampanga Division)


November 2011 Recap

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On November 2011, MCGI calendar was comprised of recognitions and intensified propagation on international territories:

1) Bible Expositions were scheduled on the 1st and last Friday of the month.

2) Mass Indoctrination opens on November 7 that yields 1, 254 newly baptized brethren on the Mass Baptism held last November 18. The figure includes 13 Peruvians and a Chinese National.

3) ASOP Regional Finals were scheduled on different venues to select entries that will qualify to the ASOP Year-end Finals on December.

4) KNC Regional Competitions showcase Christian children’s talent not only on singing and dancing but also on Bible-based categories such as Verse Memorization, Bible Preaching and Bible Quiz Bee.

5) Love filled the air as couples of the MCGI congregation gathered together and became a part of the Annual Couples International Convention.
The event focused on spiritual consultation as Bro. Eli answered questions from the participants in the event’s open forum.
Each participant eagerly listened as Bro. Eli gave answers that benefited not only the inquirers but all participants as well. The couples were equipped with pointers and wisdom that will serve as their guides in their married life.
The highlight of the event is the Mass Wedding, officiated by Bro. Eli Soriano. Eight hundred sixty-five couples were binded by the Words of God as they started their new life as husbands and wives. Twenty-nine pairs of which come from MCGI chapters abroad who joined the events through video streaming.

6) The program “Ang Dating Daan” is chosen as the “Best Religious Program by Gawad Amerika Awards.

7) Kuya Daniel Razon was chosen as the “Best News Presenter” of the Golden Screen TV Awards of 2011.

8) In celebration of Bro. Daniel Razon’s 28th spiritual birthday, the congregation offers the sacrifice of Thanksgiving last November 26.
On the 28th of the month, his birthday concert, “Story of My Life” is widely supported, filling up Araneta Coliseum with his supporters. The concert was highly appreciated featuring songs that tell Bro. Daniel’s life and also because of his special guests – physically impaired individuals executing their dream- come-true performances.

Letters from South Americans to Bro. Eli read

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During the Nov. 6, 2011 Thanksgiving, Bro. Eli reads before the congregation some letters sent to him by the listeners of The Old Path Channel in South America.

Below are summary of the English-translated letters that were originally written in Portuguese and Spanish.

Mr. Elvin Huayon of La Paz, Bolivia didn’t know if Bro. Eli is speaking Japanese, Chinese or Korean when he first heard him in the program. Though uncertain of the language that Bro. Eli used, he stated that Bro. Eli is “speaking the message of God.”

An e-mail from a Peruvian was also received, admitting that he had once felt that his life is meaningless. “My life was lost. But I have found peace in your words.”

Bro. Eli was also informed that forty prisoners in Colombia gained interest in understanding God’s words since they started listening to The Old Path program.

In addition, some 100 souls were baptized during Nov. 4 regular baptism, which includes 13 South Americans.

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Charity works highlight as Ang Dating Daan celebrates 31st anniversary

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Members Church of God International (MCGI) celebrates a special thanksgiving last Saturday, October 22, 2011 to celebrate the 31st anniversary of its radio and television program, “Ang Dating Daan” (The Old Path).

The first radio broadcast was aired in 1980 via the radio station DWWA 1260khz. In 1983, the television counterpart of the program was launched via IBC Channel 13. Ang Dating Daan has become the most potent tool in propagating God’s words in the Philippines. Starting from a humble beginning, today the program airs on almost all parts of the world via the internet and different television stations of the different continents.

During celebration, aside from singing hymns to express joy and thanksgiving to God, individuals and groups who have been partners of Ang Dating Daan in its charity works were given recognitions.

Meanwhile, 1388 souls were baptized during the October 21 Mass Baptism which includes non-Filipino converts from South America and Nigeria.

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Foreign nationals join MCGI flock

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During last September 16’s Mass Baptism, almost 1,500 newly baptized brethren joined the MCGI congregation.
The figure includes 21 Nigerians and a Japanese, who is a former Buddhist. Seventeen new souls were baptized in South America. The greater percentage comes from the Filipino in the country and abroad.

One week after, additional 200 souls were baptized which includes a former Pentecostal Pastor for 30 years.

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Fox Channel viewers express appreciation in God’s words through The Old Path program

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With only two weeks after the first airing of The Old Path in Fox Channel, numerous e-mails come from listeners in South and Latin American countries.

In last Saturday’s Thanksgiving, Bro. Eli read the letters as the congregation eagerly listened. Most of the e-mails are written in Spanish, with its English translation to be understood by the larger fraction of the congregation. Rolfe Ramirez Cuvides of Colombia is one of the viewers of the two-week old broadcast. He wrote, “You (Bro. Eli) explain the Biblical text in an easy and clear way.”

Ana Simena Cuentas, also from Colombia watched one of TOP’s broadcast writes, “I didn’t go to my church on Saturdays but I’ve got peace in God’s words today. I am crying but I am happy.”

Bro.Eli has been receiving e-mails since day 1 of airing, proving that there are people who are interested in listening to God’s words.

During the August 19, 2011 Mass Baptism, more than 1,000 souls were welcomed in the Members of the Church of God International. The larger percentage came from the Philippines while non-Filipino member was baptized in New Zealand. There are seventeen candidates for baptism and are undergoing indoctrination sessions in Argentina.

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Entry from NCR wins best song in ASOP Mid-Year Finals 2011

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After the three-day International Thanksgiving of the MCGI congregation, the ADD Convention Center once again is filled with hymns of praises to God through A Song of Praise Mid-Year Finals 2011 last June 27.
Eleven finalists were presented with entries from the Philippines and abroad.

The winners are as follows:
Best Song : “With You” (NCR), composed and written by Bro. Lester Abeleda
1st runner-up : “Mithing Kaligtasan” (Bicol) by the Bicol ASOP Organizers
“I Believe” (Hongkong) by Bro. Edwin Friend
2nd runner-up : “Salamat sa Awa Mo (Eastern Visayas) by Bro. Erjay Ocampo
3rd runner-up : “Magpakailanman” (Cavite) by Bro. Genio Dy
“Ipasigarbo Ko” (Central Visayas) by Bro. Tiburcio Barong Jr.
Best Interpreter: A tie between Amirah Cercado from NCR and Sis. Dalyn Concepcion from Pampanga
1st runner-up : Bro. Roderick Payabyab of Hongkong

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